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Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror
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So many reasons to give thanks. America IS the beautiful

unnamedCelebrities Come Together to Help Raise Over
$300,000 for Charity to Send Military Care Packages

Sacramento, Calif. - The nation's largest grassroots pro-troop organization, Move America Forward has announced their 9th annual Troopathon fundraiser brought in $303,435 to send care packages to troops on the front lines in Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Syria and other areas where troops are deployed as part of the War on Terror.

This year’s Troopathon ended June 23rd and was held at a studio in Sacramento, California where Move America Forward is headquartered. Co-hosts were Rita Cosby, WABC Radio host and Emmy Award-winning TV host, Melanie Morgan, KSRO Radio host and co-founder of Move America Forward, and NewsmaxTV Anchor and Managing Editor John Bachman. Morgan received the Mark Twain Award for Best Special Program in 2006 when she broadcast live “Voices of Soldiers” from one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces during the U.S invasion of Iraq. In 2016 she won the Edward R Murrow and the AP Award for Best Local Newscast. Rita Cosby is a winner of four prestigeous Gracie Awards.

Together, Cosby,Morgan, and Bachman held 6 hours of interviews with various guests that included musicians, TV and Hollywood actors and filmmakers, elected officials, veterans, authors, journalists and a big showing of radio personalities. Guests were in studio or taped, or joined via Skype or phone. This year Troopathon's impressive array of guests included Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Charlie Daniels, Montel Williams, Nancy Grace, Coach John Harbaugh, Scott Baio, Joe Mantegna, Joe Piscopo, Tony Orlando, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Duane “Dog” Chapman, Congressman Peter King, Matthew Marsden, Robert Davi, Herman Cain, Nick Searcy, Dionne Warwick, Omarosa Manigualt and many, more.

The entire 6 hour broadcast is still available at

The group is still taking donations in the hopes of reaching $325,000 by the 4th of July weekend. Donations are still being taken online and by phone at (844) 2TROOPS (844-287-6677). In addition to care packages for troops overseas, a portion of the proceeds will go to care packages for military working dogs and their handlers serving overseas.

To arrange an interview with Co-hosts Rita Cosby or Melanie Morgan, John Bachman, or any other Troopathon spokesperson, contact Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926-6189 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sacramento, CA – Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization, announces their 9th star-studded live fundraiser that helps send care packages to American troops deployed in war zones overseas.

In a major boost to this year’s efforts, Troopathon is proud to partner with Newsmax TV and where the program will be seen in its entirety on both platforms. Along with their strong web presence, where they are a go-to source for independent news, Newsmax TV is growing rapidly and now reaches over 40 million cable/satellite homes and subscribers, making this the largest audience to-date to view Troopathon. As in year’s past, it can also be viewed on as well.

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Best News Broadcast

IMG 0104mediumRadio, Class 2, "The KSRO Morning News," Melanie Morgan, Daniel Trucios, Larry Olson, Tom Benner, KSRO, Santa Rosa

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -Mark Twain

We make our living reporting the news, and we never take our responsibility for granted. It's a damn good living, and I'm proud to be called a journalist. So ....thanks Mr. Clemons for your Award for "Best Local Newscast" from the Associated Press Saturday Night. Our fierce news crew at KSRO Radio could not have been more proud to marry the Mark Twain Award with the Edward R. Murrow Award we received last month for Best Local Newscast. Humbly yours...Mel, Larry, Dan, Officer Vic and the entire news department at KSRO 1350.

BREAKING: Troopathon lineup is amazing

Great news everyone!

It has been an incredible last couple of days for Troopathon as celebrities from all walk of life are lining up to participate in Troopathon 2016!
We are honored that so many great folks have agreed to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in Troopathon because they understand that we still have tens of thousands of America's bravest men and women in harm's way risking their lives everyday to protect our freedom and safety that deserve our appreciative support.  
Just to name some of the great guests participating in Troopathon are Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Buzz Aldrin, Nancy Grace, Laura Ingraham, Montel Williams, Tony Orlando, Scott Baio, Coach John Harbaugh, Texas Gov, Greg Abbott, Pat Boone, and many, many more.  
You can see the complete lineup HERE.

Will you join these amazing folks in supporting Troopathon and our effort to send the largest shipment of care packages ever to the brave men and women of the military?

Sponsor a care package today and share this e-mail with your friends and spread the news that we've got such a great lineup of stars supporting our military and they want us all to join together in support of our troops and send a huge shipment of care packages to help them get through the hot summer!

We are pleased to announce that we've done so well in reaching our goal of $30,000 that we've raised it to the next level - please help us reach $50,000 by Thursday for the beginning of our Troopathon broadcast! 

Please Donate Now by clicking here to send 
some care packages to our troops overseas!

Make sure to check back at as we announce more exciting guests and don't forget watch all of them on Troopathon 9 - Care Packages for our Heroes this Thursday, June 23rd from 1-7 PM PT (4-10 PM ET).  The entire program can be viewed on Newsmax TV or directly at

Thank You to Our Troopathon Heroes

Today we would also like to take a minute to recognize and thank all those donors who have really stepped it up for the troops. We call them our Troopathon Heroes.

We are also offering a special commemorative Troopathon Car Magnet for those who donate $100 or more for the troops! 


If you can't donate $100.00, it's okay. You can support a serviceman or woman overseas for as little as $24.99 and every little bit helps.

These are generous individuals who made a donation of $100 or more to support our troops on the front lines and help us reach our Friday goal! We thank them for their compassion and willingness to sacrifice a little to help those who risk their lives for us.


Show This Column to Anyone Who Claims Bush Lied about WMDs in Iraq

Throughout the Bush years, liberals repeated “Bush lied, people died” like a mantra. That slander wasn’t true then and it’s not anymore true now that it has resurfaced. There are many legitimate criticisms of the way the Bush Administration conducted the war in Iraq and even more of the way Obama threw away all the blood and treasure we spent there for the sake of politics, but you have to be malicious or just an imbecile at this point to accuse Bush of lying about WMDs.