Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

It looks like Code Pink activist Madea Benjamin of Berkeley is still stuck in the last decade. She busted into an event in Washington in which Former Vice President Dick Cheney was speaking, alongwith his daughter and wife Lynne. Protestors heckled the Cheney family, calling Cheney a 'war criminal'. Cheney defended the Bush Administration's decision to invade Iraq more than a decade ago saying, "I believed in it then. I look back on it now - it was absolutely the right thing to do." Cheney's wife Lynne brushed off the interruption, joking, "I wondered why the line (to the event) was so long."

(My last encounter with CodePink organizer Madea Benjamin in 2005)


300k and still counting, exceeding our goal for care packages for our troops at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley! Thank you!





At home, going to the grocery store is something we take for granted. Sometimes we may even consider it a chore depending how busy we are. But consider this: at this moment, our brave troops on the front lines do not have that luxury. Many times, they are told what to eat and when to eat it. What's more, many of the PX or BX (convenience stores on base where troops would normally get things like sun block and deodorant) have been shut down as part of President Obama's withdrawal timetable. Our troops have nowhere to get these useful items unless we send them.



Earlier this year, Move America Forward proudly celebrated its ten year anniversary of supporting our brave men and women of the military and their war on terror. Over the past decade, we have shipped over 315 tons of care packages to our troops serving on the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, we want to share the journey of a care package to the troops through the eyes of someone who has helped us deliver them to some of the most remote parts of Afghanistan.

While we rightfully praise the heroic actions of the members of our military, the sacrifice and good deeds of our civilian contractors serving in Afghanistan often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Lacy Castleberry is one of those heroes that is deserving of admiration and thanks. When Move America Forward was having a hard time getting care packages delivered to some of the more desolate Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan, Lacey volunteered to help find a way to make it happen. Not only was she successful in finding and organizing flights to deliver care packages to the troops on the front lines, but she often escorted the shipments and hand delivered them herself.

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So, I find myself sitting around a patio table next Independence Day sipping on the perfect mimosa with some friends and a couple of folks I haven't met before. One of the new acquaintances brings up the subject of "climate change." I know from the term used that this one is probably a sorta believer but not a hard-core, unshakable advocate; were that so, he would have used the latest, hippest, most with-it name-change term "climate disruption." Now it's time for my Favorite Global Warmism Question #1:

Did you know that there's no such thing as a greenhouse gas?
The conversation around the table stops dead in its tracks. Everybody's looking quizzically at each other. No one is looking at me. After a few seconds, a dear friend of many years says, "C'mon, Flyoverpen, you must be kidding. Everybody knows greenhouse gasses exist." I cross my arms, put on a smug pursed-lip smile and repeat, "Nope, there's no such thing as a greenhouse gas."

I then proceed to explain that the word "greenhouse" in that term is a misnomer. In a real-world earthbound greenhouse -- we all know what they look like even though there aren't many in existence anymore -- the sun's short-wave infrared light penetrates through the glass roof, warming up what's inside the greenhouse: air, plants, soil, etc.