Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

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"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -Mark Twain

We make our living reporting the news, and we never take our responsibility for granted. It's a damn good living, and I'm proud to be called a journalist. So ....thanks Mr. Clemons for your Award for "Best Local Newscast" from the Associated Press Saturday Night. Our fierce news crew at KSRO Radio could not have been more proud to marry the Mark Twain Award with the Edward R. Murrow Award we received last month for Best Local Newscast. Humbly yours...Mel, Larry, Dan, Officer Vic and the entire news department at KSRO 1350.

Throughout the Bush years, liberals repeated “Bush lied, people died” like a mantra. That slander wasn’t true then and it’s not anymore true now that it has resurfaced. There are many legitimate criticisms of the way the Bush Administration conducted the war in Iraq and even more of the way Obama threw away all the blood and treasure we spent there for the sake of politics, but you have to be malicious or just an imbecile at this point to accuse Bush of lying about WMDs.

john swansonWelcome to the world of storytelling Class of 2016. Unlike your friends at the schools of business or computer science, nobody really wants you. Employment websites are not filled with high paying jobs for storytellers. Based on a lifetime of hiring new grads, I suspect your writing sucks and your story judgment is nonexistent. Your brains are full of mush. Some of you will finally learn. But your degree is only a chance to get in the door where the real learning begins. If you’re lucky enough to get into a real newsroom, over time your writing will improve. But learning to write will consume most of your career -- if you have one. And story judgment? It will take a lifetime of actually experiencing life. Most of you will fail and drop by the wayside into careers of selling real estate or writing news releases. But a few will pass all the impossible hurdles and make it. You will become a storyteller -- a truth teller. And while you will never be rich, you will forever be doing something special.

So special that it’s protected by the Constitution of the United States. So special that truth-tellers are honored by every holy book in the world. You will make a real difference on this planet. You will soar beyond the boredom of profits and widgets and computer codes. You will live a life of words, and images and sounds -- and truth and dreams of what could be. You have begun your journey Class of 2016. The climb is hard. The summit is worth it. Good luck.