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image1Ahead of the potential loss of a key Fox News Channel host from its lineup, a new political group is announcing its support for Sean Hannity and taking a stand against what it calls the “scalping” of conservative hosts.

Rumblings of an imminent Hannity departure grew loudly over the weekend and the newly-formed organization is stepping in to let its objections be known. The host himself is expected to make announcements in the next 48-72 hours.

Founded by past Fox News Channel guests Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney, StopTheScalpings has attracted 2150 members via word-of-mouth in just its first 72 hours of existence. On Twitter, it can be found here.


#StandWithSean, its first major effort, is launching today, with a press release distributed via a DC-based PR firm.
StopTheScalpings believes that with the recent departure of Bill O’Reilly, the door is now open for virtually any conservative host to be fired for dubious reasons.

From its release:
MAY 1, 2017

A newly-formed national political organization is going public this morning to fight back against left-wing pressure campaigns funded by Media Matters for America, George Soros and other progressive groups, aimed at removing conservative television and radio hosts.

Based both in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Boston, StopTheScalpings is sickened by the cancellation of speeches by Conservative public figures, and the urgent likelihood that other prominent hosts will be fired in the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s termination at Fox News Channel. Its co-founders are Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney, two former radio talk show hosts and television guests (biographical information is found below).

Launching today, #StandWithSean, its first public campaign, will center on the fate of Sean Hannity at Fox. There is a growing sense that other conservative commentators are facing guilt-by-association, campaigns against their sponsors and internal network pressure. In this new environment, StopTheScalpings believes Hannity is the most vulnerable and that this week will be pivotal in terms of his future at the network.

Its name refers to the sense by conservatives that “progressive” activists are collecting “scalps” by destroying careers, rather than engaging in healthy, open debate. In its first four days of operation, the group has attracted more than 1700 members, including political activists, fans and broadcast industry professionals who have worked with Hannity in the past.

StopTheScalpings co-founder Melanie Morgan, formerly of KSFO Radio and Fox News guest says, “we rely on our conservative icons to report the news, tell the truth, and give us their opinion on what it all means, because the elite media won’t. That is why Sean Hannity has become revered for his blunt-talking, from-the-gut-patriotism for our country. But now we are in danger of losing the very people who give it to us straight.”
Co-founder Brian Maloney, a media / political analyst and former radio talk show host, has also made a number of previous Fox appearances, primarily on the O’Reilly Factor and Hannity programs.

“It’s clear that liberals are looking for conservative scalps,” Maloney says. “They’ll take any statement, from anyone with an axe to grind, and run with it whether or not there is a smidgeon of truth. Where are the journalistic standards the media likes to brag about?” he adds.

From Monica Crowley, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Jesse Waters, Fox News Executive Bill Shine and now Sean Hannity, Morgan and Maloney say conservative Americans must speak out against the repression of free speech, whether it comes from a Democrat or Republican, CNN, MSNBC or even Fox News.

On Facebook, it is found at and @SScalpings on Twitter.