Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The left-wing media is engaged in an attempt of character assassination against Sean Hannity, as part of their effort to try and destroy Fox News Channel.  

Let me speak unequivocally to this point:  I stand with Sean Hannity 100% and these terrible, awful accusations are completely malicious, reprehensible smears by the left-wing media to try and bring down a good and decent man.   I have known Sean for 18 years and every situation, whether working with him or watching him with others I have found him a  decent, kind, honest and professional person when dealing with everyone. That includes man, woman or even unhinged Leftists. 

The Left has hoped and prayed that Fox News could somehow be stopped in the ratings, but given their failure to accomplish that task are now resorting to character assassination.


So desperate is the Left to try and play the smear-and-destroy card on Sean Hannity that they had to resort to dredging up wild accusations from a woman whose career has consisted of one malicious attack after another.   The woman attacking Sean Hannity has attacked Sarah Palin ( ),  Steven Crowder (, Free Republic ( and repeatedly tried to attack Sean Hannity over and over again.  Oh, and she went after me the last time I defended Sean Hannity from one of her insane attacks ( ).

Seriously, folks - is this the best the Left can come up with in their brazen effort to try and take out the conservatives at Fox News Channel, one-by-one?

Well,  this is a bridge too far.  It's one thing that this concerted attack by the Left are trying to destroy a television network (Fox News), but I will not sit back silently and let ANYONE destroy the reputation, career and family life of a good and honorable man like Sean Hannity.

While hypocrites in the liberal media have been paying women less than men for the same equal work duties (, Sean Hannity has been out there for years actively supporting the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.

Sean Hannity has raised millions of dollars for pro-troop charities.  He has invested in personal time, heart and energy into supporting the men and women who risk their lives to keep this great nation safe and free.

Sean has inspired millions of viewers and listeners to engage in the political process to help Make America Great Again.

And if you try and tear him down you're going to have to go through his millions of viewers and listeners, AND ME, first.  Because we have his back, we support Sean Hannity, and we're not going to let you try and smear and destroy this great man's reputation.

Melanie Morgan

Radio Talk Show Host, Journalist, Independant TV Producer