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“He who controls information, controls the world.”

For decades, the media establishment hasn’t just presented biased “news” to the American public, they’ve censored dissenting voices and refused to report on the failings, corruption and wrongdoings of liberal organizations and individuals.

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Sean Hannity’s advertisers were recently targeted by George Soros’ Media Matters following Hannity’s reporting on slain DNC staffer, Seth Rich. Hannity has been accused by the left for reporting ‘conspiracy theories’ so Hannity retweeted a series of fake news articles proving Rachel Maddow has reported many false stories.

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image1Ahead of the potential loss of a key Fox News Channel host from its lineup, a new political group is announcing its support for Sean Hannity and taking a stand against what it calls the “scalping” of conservative hosts.

Rumblings of an imminent Hannity departure grew loudly over the weekend and the newly-formed organization is stepping in to let its objections be known. The host himself is expected to make announcements in the next 48-72 hours.

Founded by past Fox News Channel guests Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney, StopTheScalpings has attracted 2150 members via word-of-mouth in just its first 72 hours of existence. On Twitter, it can be found here.